Career at PICS

Pratibha Instrumentation & Calibration has top associates nationwide and has achieved the top position in every market in which it competes.

why work with PICS?

Here are just a few of the reasons why you might consider a career at Pratibha Instrumentation & Calibration:

  • The chance to work for an established market leader
  • Company and industry stability and growth
  • Career growth opportunities
  • The satisfaction associated with working for a company with a reputation for excellence
  • The opportunity to make a meaningful difference in an important industry

Job Requirements

Instrumentation/Calibration Technicians must possess excellent written and verbal communication skills. They must be able to understand, calibrate and validate instruments that measure temperature, pressure, flow, force torque, chemical analysis, optics, humidity, speed, viscosity, mechanical dimensions, vacuum, light intensity, mass, voltage, current resistance and frequency. They prepare required documentation to record events and changes related to equipment, such as calibration certificates, deviations, out of tolerances and installation reports. They may analyze these results to develop test specifications and electrical schematics. They specify and request the purchase of components.

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